Tuesday, January 10, 2006


> Four Jobs You've Had::
travel agent, owned and operated 1 hour photo lab,
program coordinator for alochol and drug abuse agency,
machine embroiderer

> Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over:
hm. i;m not a movie person, but here goes....
anna and the king (for the visuals), its a wonderful life,
.... cant think of another one.

> Four Places You've Lived:
only 2: new orleans & houma, LA

> Four TV Shows you love to Watch:
football, sunday morning, project runway, desperate hosuewives

> Four Places You've Been on Vacation:
the uk- england and scotland, (twice), rome, d.c., disneyworld

> Four Websites You Visit Every Day:
nola.com , studio78, handmaiden, musings of a textile itenerant

> Four Of Your Favorite Foods:
a really good salad, chocolate (dark), chicken sausage gumbo, good mexican

> Four Places You'd Rather Be:
back in the sculpture studio at school, home making art, on the river,
on the road to anywhere, esp new orleans

> Four Albums You Can't Live Without:
aw geez. no way i can narrow that down. depends on my mood:
various celtic, moody blues, drum corps cd's (great for gettign going when
you need energy) and currently, randy newman and arlo
(ok so that was more than 4.......)

peg keeney
judy perez
liz berg

and now...off to the day job!


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