Monday, July 24, 2006

finally some ART!

my niece, kate, and i went to the chauvin sculpture garden this afternoon.. and had a wonderful time. i don't care how many times i go i see new things each time...i'm continously in awe of the
powerful images that he created. this is one of the best kept secrets around, i think, and certainly one of the best sites of outsider art in the country. the sculptures are placed so closely together it's very difficult to get good overall shots. so we took lots of detail photos today. the expressive qualities he captured in cement just blow me away. you can read the story online but essentially no one really knows what the figures signify. (except the artist). the exhibit as a whole provides much food for thought.
we had a great time, till kate realized she was getting ant bit! after that we decided to go home....tho we may go back if we have time.....


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