Wednesday, July 05, 2006

the benefits of insomnia

had way too much caffeine monday night, and as a result, didn't get any sleep till @ 6 am on the 4th... =( the Good news was that @ 4 a.m. i stumbled across How Art Was Made : the day pictures were born. and it was can read all about it on the pbs site, which also lists the upcoming episodes...i'm sorry i missed the first installment, but hopefully they will rerun it at some point. and i will definately stay tuned for the upcoming episodes....
so you'd think i'd be able to sleep tonight after such a short night last night.....not yet... there's been one very vocal frog out there continuosly croaking since it got dark. at some point i assume he will go to the meantime, i'm not sure i will......


Blogger ginger said...

Iknow !!! I have enjoyed this series too!! The second show was fascinating...I am so intrigued by the idea that we ALL have a part of our brains that have these images...I have been looking at symbols and I am very interested in the fact that the symbol we commonly know as the "swastika" has been a very common symbol in many cultures ...with a very positive meaning...the only thing I have an objection to is the host's tone and "sing song' delivery of the narration ....this is not exclusive to this show...I wish they would just speak normally...anyway glad to know someone else is enjoying this show...Ginger

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